Level III Security Training at Texas Handgun Academy

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Vendor Reviews
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I finished my level III training yesterday, then took my dear old mom out for a night at the Galleria to ‘celebrate’ since I was staying at her house for the duration of the course.  I woke up this morning quite relieved to be spared from another ten-hour day plus an hour ahead and at least two hours afterwards completely consumed with the day-to-day details of running two businesses.  All with torn rib muscles 😦

Then, after packing, moving everything back to my apartment, unpacking, and catching up on the week’s errands, I kind of wished I was back in class, if only to watch Blake (our instructor for the first and last day) get up in everyone’s grille.


Blake was pretty cool.  Anyone who can keep everyone awake and involved on the last day of a 40-hour training program has something going for him.  He has a good knack for making important points with a sense of humor and then switching gears to get dead serious in your face.

I have to point out that he was the only person at THA that noticed the strike spike on the back of my cap while we were on the range.  I once went through wanding and a frisk at another training facility by ex-LEO and military personnel and they missed the strike spike.  Then, Blake scored some extra credit by wanting to know where he could get one for himself.

One of the students (I think his name was Tyler since I want to throw him some props) brought a Colt King Cobra to the range.  After qualification, Blake went through about half a box of ammo with it, then let anyone else who wanted to shoot have an opportunity.

Anyone who is interested in classic revolvers is seriously okay in my book, but what sealed the deal is the 19-year old kid in our class who was putting himself out to make a career in security.  He accidentally locked the keys in his car and Blake personally offered to shoot the window out for him.  So, you see what kind of day we had 🙂  What a lot of people may have missed during a break was Blake on his cell phone trying to get the kid a job.

So, once again, I’ll throw THA some props for a good course and Blake did promise me that my re-qualification would be free if I wrote up a good post on him.  Like I said, you can see what kind of day we had 🙂

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas


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