SHOT 2014 Day 1

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Show Reviews

This is the first post in a multi-part review of the 2014 SHOT show held at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas, sponsored by NSSF.  This show is incredibly well organized, and I found the process of getting to and from the show as well as navigating through the show to be quite easy.

NOTE:  All photos in this post were taken with permission from the vendor.

Since I’m working on my level 4 security certification, I spent a lot of time on day 1 at M/LE vendors that provide products not of interest to most civilian readers.  So, I apologize for a rather light summary of activities on the first day.

I can’t summarize every vendor I visited since I would be writing for weeks, so here are the highlights from my day-one activities (in random order).

– Combat Arms has a new set of earplugs with an open/closed mode for managing attenuation of constant noises and the ability to hear normal sounds.  The plugs have impulse noise attenuation in the open mode. I have a sample and will take them out to Fusion Tactical Range when I return for a complete review.

– Speaking of ear protection, DefendEar showed off an interesting pair of digital earplugs.

– The L.A.S.R. (Laser Activated Shot Reporter) is always interesting – got my hands on one at  the Eagle Gun Range anniversary event a few months ago.  Really cool practice aid.

– Baron Engraving had some magnificent firearms on display.  My cell phone photo does not do justice to the quality of  their work.


– Safety Harbor Firearms had some interesting products.  My favorite was the Kompact Entry Gun (KEG 12ga).


– WMD Guns nickel-boron coating process was pretty amazing.

– The Stress Vest is a great product for training under situations when you want to simulate the risk of actually getting shot by a bad guy and to get the heart rate up.  Virtual Tactical Academy (in Houston) uses these.


– Troy Acoustics showed off its process for reducing reverb and overpressure in indoor ranges.  Very cool stuff.

– I finally got to check out the complete line of FrogLube products in detail.  Should receive samples for review in the coming month.


– SEAL 1 was another interesting firearms maintenance product (that does not rely on artificial heat activation), but it had a strong odor, so it is less likely that I will do a review given my wife’s chemical sensitivity.

– The Kel-Tec RDB (variant of the RFB) looked interesting.  Feels good too.  Here I am with one 🙂


I wouldn’t mind getting one in for a thorough review.  Here’s the M43.


– Law Enforcement Targets had some absolutely wicked targets on display.


– The Accuracy International AT 308 and AX 50 models looked quite impressive. I’d love to get my hands on a model.


– EOTech’s thermal imaging products were impressive and they have a new Zombie Stopper optic!


– I enjoyed stopping at SAGE Ordnance Systems – grenade launchers are just too cool.

– New Daniel Defense models include DDM4v9/v9LW (16″ cold-hammer forged, govt. profile barrel),  v9S2W (salt bath nitride finish), DDM4v5LW (16″ cold-hammer forged, lightweight profile barrel), MK18 (10.3″ cold-hammer forged, govt. profile barrel, MK18 rail interface syst.), DDM4v7 (16″ cold-hammer forged, govt. profile barrel, modular float rail 12.0), M4A1 (14.5″ cold-hammer forged M4 profile barrel, M4A1 rail interface syst.)

– US Armor ballistic underwear was an interesting idea – level IIA – IIIA groin/femoral artery protection.  It would really suck to have great front and back plates and then get shot in the cajones 🙂

– I received a review copy of the movie, ‘Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire’.  I hope to have a complete review out before the end of the month.

– GlockStore – I finally dry-fired the Pyramid trigger for Glocks.  Updake and break were really nice, but there was too much overtravel for my taste.  Supposedly, that’s adjustable.  I hope so for a drop-in that costs over $200.  Personally, I like the trigger work done for me by Mike Caylor of Caylor Customs the best.

– Chiappa – I dry-fired a Rhino.  Beautiful revolver, but I think the trigger would need some work before I carried one on a hike.  I like the stock Ruger and S&W triggers (esp. Perf. Center) a lot better.

– SHOT is, of course, a great place to meet people and get autographs.  I really enjoyed meeting Dale Comstock.  In addition to being a genuine American Badass, he’s an absolutely great person to be around.


– No matter how many photos of Jessica Barton you’ve seen online, she looks even better in person 🙂


– Speaking of looking good, I want a Desert Eagle in .44 mag.  There is a limited edition version out in both .44 mag and .50AE by IWI.


– Crimson Trace had lots of new laser grips on display.  The 1911 models looked very impressive.

– The revolvers on display at Cimarron Firearms were beautiful and very period-authentic.  I enjoyed the Joey Dillon show.

– Just Right Carbines had some interesting pistol-caliber carbines on display (9mm, .40 S&W, and .45).

– Brothers in Arms is a unique t-shirt vendor who caters to service men and women as well as police, firefighters, and first responders all of whom share an interest in our 2nd amendment rights.


The quality of the shirts was quite impressive and they have some very unique designs for women.  My favorite was titled ‘on of a kind.’


– A visit to VLTOR is always interesting, but my personal interest was an update on the Bren Ten.  In addition to the overhead of having to completely re-design the pistol to modernize the design and meet VLTOR quality standards, they had issues with porosity in frame forgings, so the process seems to be fraught with delay after delay.  However, after the press release on their FB page, the reps were quite confident in stating end of this year for delivery of the pistol.  I’m going to remember that statement for SHOT 2015 🙂


– And, finally, the Dillon Aero.  Don’t leave home without it.  I can’t afford one, but at least I can take home an awesome calendar 🙂


– Some of my other notable stops included Lancer, Mile High Shooting Systems, HTC (High-Threat Concealment), AR 500 Body Armor, Elite First Aid, LMT, Stag Arms, RavenCrest Tactical,, Phoebus Tactical Lights, PowerTraveller, Les Baer, and Kinetic Research Group.

Thanks for stopping by Texas Gun Show Review.  With luck, I’ll have a highlight reel from day 2 posted tomorrow morning.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas


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