SHOT 2014 Day 2

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My feet are killing me, but as the saying goes, I’m still standing and another day of SHOT 2014 is behind me.  I think the day-2 highlights will appeal to more readers since I was visited most of the major firearm vendors.  So, let’s get to the summary, which does not include every stop I made, otherwise I would be typing into next week 🙂

This post is image intense and all photos were taken with permission of the vendor.

– I stopped by Theissen Training Systems for an explanation of their moving target system.  I’d love to see one of these setup at Fusion Tactical Range.

– I don’t own one, but I kind of like crossbows, so it was enjoyable stopping by Barnett Crossbows.

– IWI has a 9mm conversion kit for the Tavor.  It comes with a 32 rnd mag, and 16.5″ bbl (1-10 twist).  Of course, I had to pose with one.


– Federal Premium showed off the new 10mm Vital Shok Trophy Bonded.  Advertised velocity is 1275.  I talked with Speer at NRA last year and they recommended 1250-1275 as the max. velocity for their .40 Gold Dot (in terms of best mix of penetration and expansion).  So, the Federal load seems like a good balance between high power and good terminal performance.


– Browning has a lot of new product, including an expanded jewelry and wallet line.  The utility floor covers in mossy oak were very cool.  There will be more photos in the Flickr collection when I post the SHOT 2014 wrap-up.



– I have several friends who are ardent Walther fans, so they will be interested in the PPQ M2 5″ bbl.


So, here’s one for you Dave & Carl as well as Walther fans on the various Texas gun forums.


– Ruger showed off the LCRx with the external hammer (so it can be fired in SA).  .38sp +p, 5-shot, monolithic frame, Hogue grips.  Very light and good trigger pull.

– Rock River Arms was touting the X-1 series in .223, .458, .308 and 6.8 .  Fluted bbl, low-profile, and extended handguard were just a few of the features.  I’ll have some decent pics in the Flickr collection.  They have online and SHOT promotions as well – the current web special is priced from $850.

– The Remington R-51 was very cool.  I’m not generally a fan of smaller guns even though I owned an XD-S .45 for some time.  Its’ hard to get a good picture of the R-51, so you’ll have to take my word that it looks better when you see it for real and the feel is great.  Decent trigger for a self-defense handgun.  The low bore axis really caught my eye and it aimed very naturally.  Here is is in a variety of configurations (including laser grip) and a closeup.



I’m hoping I can rent one at Eagle Gun Range soon for a thorough review.  If it functions half as good as it looked and felt, Rem. has a winner on their hands in the concealed-carry market.  9mm is shipping now and there is a .40 S&W model in the works, according to Remington reps.

– I enjoyed stopping by BladeTech as they are one of the few vendors that have a holster that fits the FNX 45 Tactical with an RMR.  Their newest offering is the Eclipse and it is adjustable to right- or left-hand draw and can be adjusted to be worn IWB or OWB.  Very cool.


– I talked to a couple Beretta reps and they seemed to be pushing the Pico (.380).  But, why would you buy a Pico when you can have one of these?


– I stopped by Springfield to check out the XD-S 4.0 line (4″ bbl).  Seems like it would be a pretty formidable carry option with the extended mag.  It was difficult to do a comparison with the 3.3″ model, but here is a standalone pic and the best I could do with two hands and one cell phone camera.  Both models are 9mm.



– Of course I had to stop by Barrett since life is just better in .50 cal.  The M107A1is their new long-range .50, fitted with the QDL (quick-detach large) suppressor and an 18K price tag.  I took pics of everything – here is one.


– Hornady showed off lots of new security products, including RapidSafe.

– FN released a new line of modern sporting rifles, the FN 15 Carbine and FN 15 Rifle.  The carbine has a 16.5″ chrome-lined barrel (1-7), a black 2-piece, ribbed, rounded forearm, and a six-position collapsible buttstock.  Chambered in 5.56. The rifle has a 20″ bbl with fixed A2 front sight and A4 removable rear sight.  Empty weights are 6.9 and 7.9 lb, respectively.

– Sig Sauer featured a couple new products, the P320 pistol and 556xi rifles.  The P320 is highly modular, polymer framed, and features a removable fire-control assembly.  It is striker-fired and does not require dry-firing to disassemble.  The trigger is advertised as very crisp right out of the box, but I found it to have a bit of creep through the break.  Reset was quite good and the pull impressed me as being in the 5-6 lb range.  The P320 is available in carry (3.9″ bbl) or full-size (4.7″ bbl) options.


The 556xi builds on the 556 platform with completely ambidextrous mag. release, bolt release and safety.  Barrels are easier to interchange and the stock model features a 16″ button-rifled chrome-lined 1-7 twist barrel.  Flip-up sights, and the original Swiss folding stock are standard, along with a two-stage trigger.  Available in a variety of configurations, including pistol.



– Browning showed off the A1 Desert Tan and compact Desert Tan 1911-22 models.

– The big news from Glock was the new single-stack .380 (G42) and the long-slide (5.3″ bbl) G41 in .45.  I found the G42 to be quite comfortable to hold and the slide incredibly easy to rack.


But, that’s a .380.  I want the G41 in .45.  It was surprisingly light and the balance seems pretty decent.  The trigger is a bit better than the typical Glock with the 4.5 connector, but I’d still have a Caylor Customs job done on it.


Glock claimed 14000 G42 shipments on Jan. 2 to distributors and 3000 G41’s shipped to date.  And, two reps  confirmed that a 9mm follow-on is in the works.  Probably next year.  MSRP on the G42 is $399.

– The Ruger GP 100 Match Champion in .357 with a 4.2″ bbl was very well-balanced and a pleasure to dry-fire.  I’d like to get one on the range.

– Crye Precision showed off a Six-12 modular shotgun that attaches to the AR platform.


– I’m a big revolver fan, so I started salivating as soon as the S&W booth came into view.  My first stop was to check out the new 3″ bbl .460 revolver.


I must have one!


Alas, I could not walk away with it.  I also had to get my hands on a 500 with 8 3/8″ barrel, not because it’s new, but because it feels so good 🙂


And, here are some more of their new revolvers.






Smith and Wesson also displayed a new version of the Bodyguard .380 without the integral laser and some cosmetic changes.

– Taurus showed off the ultra lightweight View (Model 85) and some new .380’s.



– OTIS advertised the new Ripcord, one pull and you’re through .. hmmm … I think I really need to try it before I believe it.

– Tracking Point is incredibly cool even though I could never afford one 🙂


– DMPS debuted the GII series of modern sporting rifles featuring a matched pair of forged, level III anodized, Teflon-coated 7075 receivers.  Benefits include strength and durability.  The .308 model was incredibly light.  2014 offerings include • 16″ Lightweight Carbine 24″ Bull, 20″ Lightweight hunter, 18″ SASS Rifle, and 16″ Recon Carbine.


I’m running out of time, so some of my other updates will probably have to be published tomorrow or in the Monday wrap-up.  Yes, there were a lot of hotties on the show floor.



As well as royalty from the first-family of shooting.


Other notable stops included Operation K-9, Black Aces, UTAS, Rossi, Winchester, Kimber, CZ, CMMG, Magpul, DelTon, Umarex, Geissle.

Thanks for stopping by Texas Gun Show Review.  More to come tomorrow.

Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas


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