SHOT 2014 Day 3

Posted: January 17, 2014 in Show Reviews

I worked over three hours on the day-2 post and then had to switch hotels, so my time at the Sands Expo was limited on day 3.  Here are the highlights.  This post is image intense and all photos were taken with permission from the vendor.

– I stopped by Kahr and took a peek at  the BFR’s including the new 30/307 in 30-30 Win with a 7.5″ barrel.


I also handled and dry-fired the CM-45 with both 3.24 and 4.04″ barrels.  Polymer frame and SS slide.  The feel and balance were reasonable, but I did not care for the trigger.  There is a long update and then you must squeeze through the resistance.  I suppose this is okay for some users in a concealed-carry environment, but my expectation is for the trigger to break after it meets resistance, so it did not impress me on a personal basis.  There were similar new models in .40 S&W.

– Gun Broker had a very nice booth, including a spin-till-you-win promotion for GB-themed goodies.


I walked away with a shot glass.

– Bond Arms has a new derringer out in .45 ACP called ‘The Backup.’  The rubber grip felt really good.  it’s being marketed to LE as a deep-conceal backup or backup to the backup.  The trigger felt good and it was just a great firearm to hold in my hand.


– DoubleTap offers a similar product (included ported versions) in 9mm and .45.  The cutaway model illustrating the internal working of the product was quite interesting.


– Moving right along in this category, an interesting product in the works is ‘The Reliant,’ a four-shot ultra-light (5″ length) 1911-style firearm from Edge Arms.  It is drop-safe and will be offered initially in .22 WMR and .17 HRM with .38 spc to follow.

– A visit to KRISS is kind of mandatory.  They had several new variants of the Sphinx SDP on display.  Here are a couple.


along with the usual suspects


– Vertx showed off some new bags, the VTX5000 (camera tote, hide-out convertible front flap w/MOLLE straps) and the CTX 5005 EDC Courier (laptops, gear, etc).

– I talked briefly with PCP Ammunition and hope to get a box of their .308 for future evaluation.

– I also stopped by and said hello to S.W.A.T. Firearms (from Campbell TX) as they frequent the north Texas gun shows.

– The SAR Arms Princess line has two new offerings in 9mm semi-auto compact pistols intended for women.  B6C Pink and B6C Violet models were on display.  Double-action, 3.8″ bbl, SS slide.

– LabRadar makes an interesting radar-based velocity measurement system that is marketed as a chronograph replacement.  Prices are around $400, so it’s more affordable than it appeared at first glance.


– I stopped by CZ briefly with the intent to look at new products, but got distracted by the Dan Wesson 1911’s.  Seriously distracted.


– PDQ makes an interesting ambidextrous bolt release, but it requires modifying your lower.  I tried it out and once you get comfortable with the operation, it’s an impressive product.

– I first talked with My Case Builder at NRA in Houston.  It’s still just as awesome a service as it was then.

– I demoed the GunSport Pro high-def earplugs.  Very interesting product as you can flip a switch and actually magnify sounds, yet still have impulse noise attenuation.

– I always have to stop by and say hello to Texas vendors, so it was a pleasure to visit LaRue Tactical (and, I appreciated the free coffee they provided to visitors).  Some new products (check them out online), but no new rifles.

– I visited the ROCKY booth and tried on their new lightweight boots.  Very light indeed.  I currently wear AlphaForce.

– I stopped by VLTOR again on the way out and they very confidently stated DECEMBER for the Bren Ten!

– Sightmark has some interesting new optics and I hope to receive a model or two for evaluation in the near future.

– Plinker Arms demonstrated AR uppers that mate w/5.56 MSR lowers to turn your AR-15 into a.22LR rifle with no additional mods.

– The ‘no magazine’ AR from LWRC (7- or 10-round configurations) was very interesting, especially for those in CA.  Targeted towards the civilian market, of course.


– In my opinion, the absolute highlight of the day was Cabot Guns.  They had some magnificent models on display and I’m sorry my cell phone camera does not do justice to the quality of their work.




The star of the Cabot show was the Damascus Steel model with mammonth-tooth grip panels.


These guys liked it too 🙂


There were other celebs around, although none more popular than The Nuge.


Always remember that the first and last words out of your mouth will be SIR!


And, of course, there are always hotties.


Other stops included North American, Armscor, CTC Defense, Survivor Firestarters, Shooter’s Choice, N82 Tactical (a frequent vendor at the Texas Gun Shows). Caddin Body Armor, Ammo Up, ProGrade Ammunition, Ballistol, Phalanx, Franklin Armory, Deep Conceal, KaliberBun, International Cartridge Corp., and SlideFire.

The day-4 update and SHOT 2014 wrap-up should be posted on Monday.  Thanks for spending part of your day at Texas Gun Show Review.

Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas

  1. Bill says:

    just found your posts. I read the one posted in Oct 2013 about the FNX 45 tactical. I am now the proud owner of one myself and love it. Did you ever find a shoulder rig for it? I would prefer the vertical over the horizontal, but I’m wondering if you were able to locate one, for I haven’t been able to myself. I also have the trij rmr and am wanting to put on the Viridian 5XL, so the holster would need to accommodate both. Thanks for any info and I do enjoy reading your posts. Bill