DVD Review of ‘Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire’

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Product Reviews

This is a brief review of the movie “Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire” produced by Dead Patriot Films and directed by Kris Koenig.  This eighty-minute documentary is narrated by Ice-T and stars Ted Nugent, Chris Cheng, Dan Gross, Bobbie Ross, Alan Gottlieb, Eugene Volokh, Ph.D., Adam Winkler, Dave Kopel, Ph.D., Margot Bennett, Alan Gura, Gene Hoffman, Thomas Boyer, and Kenneth Blanchard.

The documentary played to a limited theatrical release in June 2013 and is currently available on DVD from the Assaulted web site or Amazon.  Here is the trailer:

I was given a copy of the DVD at the 2014 SHOT show for a review.  Here is the stated purpose of the film from the Assaulted web site.

” With the original intention of empowering a citizenry’s ability to defend themselves against a corrupt or tyrannical government, the concept today may seem farfetched or [sic] the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster. However, it has happened throughout U.S. history. And long before gun control was positioned as a “common sense measure” to combat violence, it was used as a means to oppress certain minority groups. Presently, the growing trend in gun control favors the wealthy and privileged, who leverage their connections to ensure their Second Amendment rights and safety, while those of lesser means struggle. “

While I am always interested in films that cover gun ownership and the second amendment, I have to admit that my first thought was that Assaulted might be a bit too much of preaching to the choir.

My first impression was wrong.  Ice-T’s narration provides an instant counter to the old, white male stereotype of gun ownership and overall I thought he did a very credible job.  His style is a bit ‘in your face’ at times, which often counters the thoughtful and detailed presentation of material in the film.  The documentary is clearly pro-second amendment and pro-gun ownership, but I would classify it as center-right rather than a hard-right film.

It’s difficult to provide a thoughtful commentary worthy of the film’s thoughtful presentation without spoilers, so I will be necessarily brief in my notes.  I liked the idea of discussing gun ownership as a fundamental civil right and the detailed examination of historical precedents dating back to English common law.  While I have generally considered myself well-educated on the history of the 2nd amendment, I discovered a couple of new fact in the documentary that enhanced my understanding.

The documentary also provided factual support for the premise of gun ownership to counter both a tyrannical government and empower minority groups.  In fact, historical ‘gun control’ has been used as a tool to oppress minorities and the factual basis for this assertion in the film should be of particular interest to left-center viewers.

My wife’s reaction was interesting.  She is a gun owner who began her relationship to firearms in a state of fear and confusion.  After an introduction to handguns course, she eventually learned to fire a .22LR pistol in a crowed indoor range without trepidation and recently worked her way up to a .380 handgun.  Her exact comment after Ice-T’s final statement was “that was very good.”

Although the run time is listed as 79 minutes, I found the presentation to be too short and missing several areas I would have preferred more coverage.  This includes a more detailed breakdown of the liberal’s attempts to present cosmetic rifle features as somehow dangerous or more lethal.  The term ‘assault rifle’ comes from a German term (coined by Adolph Hitler) and translated literally means ‘storm rifle,’ or a rifle suited for storming a defended enemy position.  The term ‘assault weapon’ is a pure liberal political invention.  To call an AR-15 an assault weapon or state that the weapons of war have no place on our streets implies that our military should give up their current weaponry and face the enemy with semi-automatic sporting rifles.  This is beyond absurd and there is no mention whatsoever in the film.

The topic of so-called high-capacity (which are actually standard-capacity) magazines is not really discussed.  Several good YouTube videos have been made that illustrate the irrationality of the arguments about disarming a shooter when they have to reload.  I have personally talked to numerous RSO’s who were police officers during the prior magazine capacity ban.  They recounted story after story of OIS incidents where the criminal’s guns were recovered.  What mags did they have?  Yeah, you got it – they were marked ‘For Law Enforcement Only.’

I clearly believe there is ample material for a sequel, but you should first see the current Assaulted documentary.  It is well-researched and thoughtfully presented.  I doubt this movie (or any presentation) will alter the opinion of hard-line viewers oriented to the right or left of this issue.  This documentary is probably best directed towards those to the center-right or center-left and I believe in either case it is eighty minutes well spent.

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