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I attended the Ft. Worth Gun Show on March 15 for about 3 1/2 hours on Saturday morning.  This show was sponsored by Lone Star Gun Shows and is not to be confused with the Original Ft. Worth Gun Show sponsored by Premier.

I picked up a .308 pMag and some cleaning supplies and then made the rounds to update new 2014 firearm prices. This was  the first show I attended in a few weeks since I’ve been very busy with product and event reviews.  The most notable item was the appearance of the 4″ XD-S 9mm models, mostly in all black.  In some cases, they could be purchased below the price of a 3.3″ model.  Blackland Outdoor Sports claimed to have made a sweet deal with Springfield and they seemed to have the largest selection at the lowest price on the floor.

I also noticed several empty tables and a large area at the back, left (relative to the main entrance) was converted to a sitting area.  I don’t mind sitting areas, but Premier keeps theirs outside the show floor and fills every table in the event area.  Prior to this show, Lone Star did the same, so this impresses me as a sign that vendor participation is slipping.

I will probably pick up full show reviews in the Apr-May time frame, most likely starting with Allen in a couple weeks.

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– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas