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This is a brief review of the Streamlight TLR-1S HP, a light that I have maintained on my Sig 716 Patrol for over six months at the time of this writing.  That length of time is probably overkill for an evaluation, but I wanted to see how the product held up over a long period of actual use.

Although it took longer to arrive than expected, I received an exceptional deal on the product from LA Police Gear.  The product arrives with the components shown in the following photo.


The first thing I did after delivery was take the light by itself out to the patio at night and shine it from my third-floor apartment out to the longest distance to which I have line of sight – about 150 yards. The illumination is very impressive and I regret not having the photographic equipment to provide a decent picture.

The spot is incredibly intense indoors and at short ranges outdoors.  The spill is quite narrow.

Battery install (two CR123 cells) was straightforward and attachment was almost too simple. The most notable feature of the HP model is the large and deep reflector, so I was curious as to how well the light would fit and work with my AR. Here is a picture of the setup.


I have the light mounted on the left so that it is easier to operate the switch with my support hand and it leaves room for the bipod (not shown in the above photo).


The AR is always stored and transported in a Pelican case.  I have not experienced a single issue with the light in over a dozen sessions since purchase and that includes over 200 rounds of hard-recoiling .308 .  The Streamlight works well and it works every time I hit the switch.  Speaking of switches, an optional pressure switch is available, but I personally tend away from them.  I like to have the same thumb operation on both handgun and long gun.

Strobing is possible with this unit, although I personally like just the straight beam.  It’s easy to apply and more than intense enough to both illuminate and disorient an attacker at close range.

For those interested in mounting to a shotgun, Streamlight offers a 12 ga. mag. tube mount.  Given the very narrow and intense beam from the TLR-1S HP, I would go so far as saying you could use this unit as a crude laser sight on a shotgun.

Thanks for spending part of your day at Texas Gun Show Review.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas