Diva WOW Spring 2014 Shooting And Outdoor Clinic

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Warning: This post is image-intense.

I enjoyed covering the Diva WOW Fall 2013 Shooting and Outdoor Clinic except for the weather.  The overcast skies and constant threat of rain made it difficult to take good photos, although the women still had a great time.  As it happens, I left just before an epic lightning strike, and I could not help thinking from time to time how I could have done a better job of documenting the event with better weather.

Well, sometimes you get a second chance.  The fabulous Divas were at it again at Elm Fork on March 29 and the weather was fantastic, albeit just a little on the brisk side in the early morning.  As with the fall event, ladies could choose from six of the ten classes offered at different stations across the expansive Elm Fork Complex.

– .22LR Pistol
– .22LR Rifle
– .22LR AR-15
– Black Powder Rifle
– BB Gun
– Slingshot & Blowgun
– Hunting Dogs
– Shotgun
– Fly Casting
– Spin Casting


After checking in and completing registration, you could fill up on the ample supply of fresh, hot coffee and then check out the cool vendors, some of which were repeats such as Monstruck and Ghost Targets,



and some new faces such as North Texas Custom Kydex


Overall, the shopping appeared to be pretty popular despite the brisk wind in the early morning.


and you could pick up some cool Diva-branded merchandise.  Don’t go home without one!


This was a pretty popular t-shirt.


Before classes began, everyone received a safety orientation from the awesome staff at Elm Fork, who once again proved to be a superb host for the event.


and then it was off to classes.

Spin Casting


The fish were not biting in the early morning, but the action picked up later in the afternoon.  Participants in this class learned the mechanics of a good cast along with how to select fishing spots.

Fly Casting


I always like listening to the instruction during this class as there is a LOT of technique involved in a good fly cast.

Hunting Dogs


In this class, you learned how to direct a hunting dog to a target, including hand and verbal commands.

Slingshot/Blow Guns

The slingshots at this event are pretty impressive – the ladies get to shoot the exact same model used in the television show Top Shot.  Although some of the metal projectiles that can be fired are on display, only paintballs are used in the actual shooting.


I’ve seen these blowguns at the various gun shows and always thought they were a joke.  I watched them in action and the plastic projectiles can easily hit a target ten yards away.  I suppose if you loaded them with a sharp-tipped dart dipped in something ‘interesting’, you might do some serious damage.


BB Guns

If you have never fired a rifle before, this is a good place to start, and the women had a lot of fun with the arcade-style target setup.



This is one of the more popular classes, particularly for those who have never fired a shotgun before.


Although I’ve fired many a shotgun, I’ve never shot a clay before.  I suppose if I saw something akin to a flying saucer or UFO zip across my field of view, I’d want to shoot it with a Dillon Aero 🙂  Clay shooting is not natural or easy and at this point in our story, we are introduced to the star of the event.


Yes, on the left.  Now, admit it.  You just stereotyped her as little Miss Suzy Helpless who wants to be a cheerleader and gets harassed by boys in school as well as the ‘tough girls.’  Why, little Suzy could never handle anything like a shotgun, right?

Well, she stepped right up to the firing station without a bit of hesitation.


The RSO’s at this event were topnotch and the instruction at this station was stellar.  Look at the technique with a gun that is about as tall as her shoulder if the butt were placed on the ground.


You noticed that was a 12 ga., right?

After a couple practice shots to get the feel of the firearm, she wasted her first clay!  The massive smile on her face was priceless.

Now, I know who I’m calling to back me up in the Zombie Apocalypse and I’ll bet no one messes with her in school.

So, do parents have to sign a permission slip to let their kids participate in the Zombie Apocalypse?  Actually, that gives me a great idea.  The Divas should have a Divas vs. Zombies event.  It would be the greatest shooting-sports event of all time!

There were a lot of happy campers at this class.


Black Powder Rifles

This is another class this is simply too cool.  The instructors really go all-out to give a historical perspective.


I have to admit that watching one these rifles ignite is inherently exciting 🙂


.22LR RIfles

You can kick it old-school or modern at a Diva event.


.22LR Pistols

One of the new items at this event was the addition of optics with the .22 pistols.  This is great for women who want a smoother entrée into pistol shooting or more experienced shooters who have never tried an optic on a pistol.


Or, you can just go with traditional sights.


.22LR AR-15

Once again, DPMS helped sponsor the event.  It was really cool to see women who might have previously been hesitant to shoot a modern sporting rifle step up, load, and then put rounds right on target with one of the DMPS AR’s.


I want to throw some serious props to Aaron Glass and DPMS for their support of the Divas.


He even helps setup targets for the shooters.

Speaking of shooters, there were some really good shots at this event.


I need to do some recruiting for the Zombie Apocalypse Neutralization Team.

And, finally, some more props for the great work done by the RSO’s.


After a few hours of outdoor enjoyment, it was time for lunch.  As usual, the Divas only go first-class.


After lunch, it was time to draw for prizes ranging from cool gear to a Diva weekend adventure.



Once all raffle items were given out, the ladies headed back out for afternoon classes.

If you want to see more of the event, please check out my photo collection of the Diva WOW 2014 Spring Shooting and Outdoor Clinic on Flickr.  If I had a dollar for every smile I saw during my six hours of coverage, I’d be able to pay this month’s rent 🙂  If you would like to experience the great outdoors for yourself or provide a unique opportunity for your wife, daughter, sister, mother, or even dear old grandma, then direct your browser to the Diva WOW site and try out a Diva event for yourself.

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– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas

  1. mrshaffly says:

    Thanks Jim for coming out and visiting with all of us DIVAs. Your support and encouragement mean a great deal. ~ Wiz

  2. anginette says:

    Thank you for sharing what we do. It’s all about introducing more women to the outdoors in a safe fun environment. Diva style!

  3. Brenda Wells says:

    I had an amazing time. Thanks to all who planned, participated and volunteered.