I really like meeting and talking with people at gun shows.  Not only is meeting new people enjoyable, I often learn something new or am asked an intriguing question.  At a recent gun show, someone asked me an interesting question about the Kangaroo Carry Air Marshal 3 holster.  What’s the largest gun it can carry?

One of the interesting features of the Air Marshal 3 (of which I had to be recently reminded) is the sacrificial seam.  The holster ships in a configuration that works for a variety of standard-size firearms ranging from H&K to Glocks. I even wore my Air Marshal 3 rig with a Glock 31 and extended barrel right out of the package.  Safety pins may be used to fine-tune the fit, which is low-tech but effective and low-cost.

The sacrificial seam may be removed to increase available holster width, which is especially useful for large-frame handguns or firearms with optics and tac lights.  That’s fine, but the question still remains.  How large can we go?

Well, let’s find out.  If you read the second installment in my Sig P227 review, you probably saw this image.  A Streamlight TLR-1 HL light is attached to the rail.



I practiced drawing and dry-firing from my car at Fusion Tactical range several weeks ago.  The draw is smooth and there were no hangs.  The only issues I had were dealing with the seat belt and my hiking vest.  For those reasons, and the amount of time I spend on the road, I practice this draw quite frequently.

Sigs are pretty tall as handguns go, so how about something on the long side?  How about my Gen-4 G20 with BOTH a tac light AND an extended, threaded barrel (5.4″)?


And, here is the fit.


Now, how about long and tall?  The best example I could obtain is my FNX 45 Tactical (5.3″ bbl) with a Trijicon RMR.


The fit is very snug and the draw is smooth every time.

My best example and actual use case for carry with the Air Marshal 3 is a short-barrel Smith 629.  That’s an X-Frame revolver.


This one fits deep and very close to the body.  The Air Marshal 3 holds up well against sweat during the Texas summer, but you do have to consider the exposed portion of the grip and frame in such an environment.  The tennis grip tape does a great job of absorbing sweat and protecting the revolver grip from hand oils.

So, is there a limit to what the Air Marshal 3 can carry?  Well, I was not able to fit my Ruger SRH 7.5″ bbl. There are limitations to any holster, but the Air Marshal 3 offers a very wide range of options to suit any environment from packing for the bad guys to the Zombie Apocalypse.

For more information, visit the Kangaroo Carry web site.

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