Good To Go Ammo .308 Match Ammo Review

Posted: June 2, 2014 in Product Reviews
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I want to thank Good To Go Ammunition for providing me with 20 rounds of their .308 168gr. Match ammunition for an evaluation.  The round was tested at Fusion Tactical Range using my Sig 716 Patrol (AR-10) and Trijicon ACOG.  I had previously zeroed the ACOG with 168 gr. Winchester Match and was very interested in seeing how the GTG round (custom load of a Hornady 168gr. Match BTHP) performed since it is approximately half the cost of the Winchester.



Test distance was 100 yards using a bipod for support.  I did shoot from the new wooden stand which I like better than the wooden wheels which are difficult for me to obtain a stable lower-body position while sitting.  Wind was gusting right-to-left and it was really moving the tree tops above the berm.  I used one of my small Zombie targets and the head on this one is just over three inches in width, eye-to-eye.  It was a relatively bright day and I shot in the early afternoon.  The overhead sun caused the ACOG to light up light a Christmas tree, so I simply lined up the reticle to cover the Zombie head.  The reticle lines were lit up bright and thick, so they almost completely overwhelmed the target head.  I do need to start taking some sort of cover to place over the top of the sight to reduce brightness in such conditions.

I fired six shots without any attempt to compensate for the wind.


The horizontal displacement is most likely due to the wind and the vertical dispersement is from the wobble in the platform (bipod support).  So, I would have to give this ammo very high marks for consistency.  As the saying goes, it’s more accurate than I am 🙂

I also liked the kick from the GTG round.  Advertised velocity is 2746fps from a 24″ barrel.  I do not own a chrono. and was clearly not getting those kind of numbers from my 16″ Patrol platform, but this was definitely one fast-shooting round.  I’d really like to measure velocity in the future!

I shot the remainder of the rounds at some ‘fun’ targets and decided that I should re-zero my ACOG for this round, especially with the warmer weather approaching.  I went back to Fusion this weekend on a 90-degree, humid afternoon.  I setup a new target which was a bit of a challenge since I experienced a similar issue with the bright, thick reticle lines against the X-mark at the center.  I was shooting using a bag as support from the older stand that I do not like.  I sat on top of a folded blanket and another sandbag.  Ugh.

Still, it was a pretty stable platform.  It took three sets of two rounds and two interim sight adjustments to obtain the desired result.


There was very little wind on this day and what was blowing (on occasion) was right-to-left.  The first set of two were low-left.  I over-adjusted a bit and the second two were high-left and high-center.  The third set was close enough for proverbial government work, or within the margin of error afforded by a piston-driven AR and an ACOG sight.

In summary, I’m very pleased with the results from the GTG Match round.  It’s now my baseline practice round and at about $20 per 20 rounds, I can afford to practice a lot more 🙂

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– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas


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