Kangaroo Carry Micro 2 Holster Review

Posted: June 16, 2014 in Product Reviews
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I want to thank Austin Davis of Kangaroo Carry for sending me a Micro 2 holster for review.  Now, if you have spent much time on this blog, then you have probably determined that I’m not much of a small-gun guy.  So, why would I be interested in any hoster with ‘Micro’ as part of the name?  After all, my two favorite carries are a 10mm w/extended barrel and a short-barrel Smith 629.

Other than the Zombie Apocalypse, I dislike the idea of gunfights and use of deadly force.  However, when escape and evasion do not work and all non-lethat defense options are off the table, rule #1 of a gunfight is to have a gun.  Although I can dress around larger guns with some effort, there are instances where I need to carry with a very thin profile.  And, while I carry my 10mm comfortably in an Air Marshal 3 on the road, it is cumbersome to draw from inside my hiking jacket in the front seat.  I can envision instances where I need quicker access to a pistol from a seated position in my car.  A single-stack 9mm or .45 would fit the bill as I proved in the past with an XD-S .45.  I did have an issue getting used to the thin grip of the XD-S, but that applied more to a general carry situation.  These would be very specific use-cases and at sufficiently close range that my primary consideration is rule #1.

With a 4″ XD-S on the market and the (I hope) next-year release of a Glock single-stack 9mm, I’m rethinking having a backup for the backup or a ‘thin’ option that is easy to dress around or draw with minimal effort from within my hiking vest while seated in the car.

Since I have not actually selected a handgun for these use-cases, I decided to evaluate the Micro-2 using my wife’s Sig P238.  For a week, I carried my short-barrel Smith 629 in a Galco IWB holster and wore the Micro-2 with the P238.  This is a great time for a holster evaluation since I was able to determine how well the rig held up in the Texas heat and humidity since the P238 was worn underneath my hiking vest.

Here is a photo of the package you receive from Kangaroo Carry.


Personally, I’ve found the Kangaroo Carry rigs very intuitive to work with, although there are generous instructions provided with the holster and online ‘how to’ videos for those wishing step-by-step instructions.

Here is how the P238 fits inside the Micro-2.


As you can see, there is plenty of room.  I wore the Micro-2 to a gun show and shoved all variety of .380 and subcompact 9mm pistols into it.  It fit every .380 I found with ease.  The Glock 42 fit is almost as if the holster were specifically designed for the G42.  Ruger LCP’s fit beautifully.

The Kangaroo Carry rigs come with a sacrificial seam that can be removed if you need more room either for the pistol or using the rig with a pistol and tac. light.  I’m curious if I can fit a Ruger LCR .357 with the seam removed.  With hot .38 spc, it might be suitable for my ‘thin’ option, especially at shorter range.  The revolver also works well as a belly gun in the event someone gets right up in my grille while I’m seated in the car.  And, it doesn’t hurt that I’m an old-school revolver guy 🙂

The Micro-2 held up very well in the Texas heat and humidity, and the comfort level is commensurate with what I expeienced wearing the Air Marshal 3.  One day, I wore it on top of a t-shirt and underneath a loose short-sleeve shirt.  There was no print at all from the P238.

The Mirco-2 has three pouches for spare mags or anything thin you might want to carry.  Some have recommended carrying your CHL in this area.  Personally, I prefer to have my CHL as far away from my firearm as possible.  I’ve talked with many officers at Texas Law Shield seminars about this issue and they universally concur.  The officer has a routine he or she likes to follow and it is best to allow the officer to execute that routine and cooperate with their requests.  The officer does not like to walk up to a vehicle and see ANYTHING in a person’s hand, even something apparently as innocent as a license.  And, they definitely DO NOT feel comfortable with a someone reaching inside a shirt or jacket in the vicinity of their firearm to retrieve any ID or related license.

The spare (extended) mag fit very comfortably and in summary I would give the Micro-2 the same high marks I gave the Air Marshal 3.

For more information (and a video) on this holster, please visit the Kangaroo Carry site.

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