Ammo Biz .308 168gr. A-MAX Review

Posted: June 26, 2014 in Product Reviews
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I’ve seen Ammo Biz at various Texas gun shows and recently noticed that they sell 168gr. A-MAX.  The price was $23 a box, which is the best I’ve seen anywhere for this load, so I could not help but comment on the pricing.  I received a response that “well, it’s nice to do business directly with the manufacturer.”  I took that to mean that the vendor might have some sort of special relationship with Hornady, although the business seems to be too small to warrant special pricing from such a large manufacturer.

My general experience is that items that are excessively cheap are that way for a reason, however there is no way to tell for sure without actually testing the product.  So, I purchased a box and headed out to Fusion Tactical Range for an evaluation.  Test gun was my Sig 716 Patrol and it was a rare Texas late-Spring day with no wind.



The packaging is no-frills, which I like since I’m not shooting the package 🙂  I’m not sure what that marking is on the bullet.

And, it gets worse.


Hmmm … kind of looks like mil-surplus, pre-primed brass.  So, that’s the secret to the low price.  It’s also low-performance as such brass has a history of inconsistent performance.  I don’t have a chrono, but I did expect the rounds  to be slower than those used to zero the ACOG.

I was also evaluating White Thunder, so the first target was a small container (about 2.5 inches wide) resting on the side of the berm.  I aimed high and in five shots only managed to clip the target on the edge with a single shot.  I then setup a paper target to get a better idea of how the rounds impacted relative to POA.  They were all low-left.  I had a pretty decent group going until one round felt very ‘weird’ as the trigger broke.  That one was a flyer.  Like I said, inconsistent performance.

Next, I let Dane (the Fusion RSO, who is a very good shot) fire a few rounds just to get his opinion.  He aimed for the top of the Zombie head.


Again, all low-left.  Not a bad group at all for an ACOG and a piston-drive AR-10, and that’s how I’d have to characterize this ammo.  Not bad for the price.  The best gun show price I’ve seen for the Hornady A-MAX load is $27.95, so you do save five bucks a box.  That would have to be the appeal of this product.  However, I’d gladly pay $25 for a load that performed as consistently as the A-MAX rounds I’ve shot from Hornady.

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– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas

  1. Caryl Anne says:

    Great review! I’ll have to keep this information in mind when purchasing my next round of ammo! Thanks for sharing!