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This is a brief review of the HPR .308 168gr. Match Ammo, which I purchased at the Market Hall gun show for about $26.  The ammo was tested on a typical Texas summer day at Fusion Tactical Range.  Test platform was the Sig 716 Patrol, firing from a bipod support and a towel to rest my arms.  I fired from a seated position at 100 yards and I previously zeroed my ACOG using Good To Go Ammo 168gr. .308 Match.

Wind was moderate, mostly in my face and swirling left-to-right.  So, all other factors aside, I expected to shoot a bit low and most likely with a rightward bias.

The ammo is attractively packaged, although I tend not to care since I don’t shoot the package.


So, let’s get to the fun stuff.  Here are the first four shots.


Well, that’s pretty much what I expected.  I adjusted the point of aim up, close to the top of the nine-ring and fired two more shots.  Then, I moved the POA back to the X and fired four more. here are the results.


Again, the ammo behaved exactly as I expected and was consistent with a slight amount of wobble from the bipod and the swirling wind.

Each round felt very consistent and since little seemed to be gained by firing more shots at 100 yards, I loaded up the remainder and headed downrange for some rapid-fire action.

I did experience one failure to feed.  After this exercise, I loaded a full mag of GTG 150 gr. FMJ.  and ran through the same drill.  No failures.

It’s hard to draw a conclusion from this as I was using the original mag supplied with the Sig 716 and that’s been through a lot of ammo tests, mostly 2-5 rounds at a time.  So, the mag is a likely culprit.

If I get a chance to purchase more of this ammo, I’ll run a box with a fresh pMag through the same drill.

In summary, just based on the performance of ten rounds, the HPR ammo appears to be a good value for the dollar.

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– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas