Smoke On A Rope Target Review

Posted: July 7, 2014 in Product Reviews, Shooting
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I want to thank Smoke ‘Em Targets for sending me a complete set of their products for evaluation.  I previously reviewed the standard Smoke ‘Em Targets system, which proved to be incredibly durable.  Although designed for milder pistol rounds, the target held up to a barrage of 10mm, .44 magnum, and 150gr. .308 rounds.  Here are the links to the two-part review.

Although I had a photo of the smoke-on-a-rope target, I did not have an opportunity to test the product (I simply ran out of ammo).  That’s not really a bad situation since I wanted to incorporate feedback from others as part of the evaluation process.  So, I waited until a recent Texas Gun Talk shooting event at Fusion Tactical Range to let the other participants blast away at the target.

The targets are supplied in a cylindrical container and can be hung from practically any stand used to post paper targets.


Here is the first hit with a .45 round.


After dozens and dozens of 9mm and .45, eventually someone will hit the rope.


And, once again, we see the inevitable problem with Smoke ‘Em targets.  You run out of ammo before you run out of target 🙂

Although it was an overcast and humid day with intermittent rain, we did see some good smoke effects and everyone involved in the shoot enjoyed the targets.  There were even some inquiries on the forum after the event regarding where to purchase them.

This rounds out my full evaluation of the Smoke ‘Em Targets line and thanks for visiting Texas Gun Show Review.

UPDATE:  I just received this communication from Smoke ‘Em Targets regarding the second-generation version of their target system (I reviewed what is now being referred to as gen–1).

“We have totally redesigned the Smoke Em Targets. The are now Blow molded in a very soft durable plastic, which improves longevity of the target and manufacturing ability. They are still about 4” round, but the canister has an ‘edge’ molded on the front side and TOTALLY prevents push through, so you can hit it with anything and the target wont back out. We also improved the performance and the back will no longer “Blow Out” no mater the caliber. This also helps with clean up as there is less on the ground and more in the wind! We also incorporated Smoke on a Rope Hanging straps molded into every canister as 1 piece so you can shoot it in the foam or pull it out, open the straps and hang it up. We also designed the canisters to work with Rifle rounds, so now you can use 556, 308, 30-30, 300 mag Etc. what ever you want this target can be shot with and perform extremely well.”

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas


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