Guest Post: Selling Your Firearm To An Individual vs. FFL Dealer

Posted: August 5, 2014 in General, Shooting
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This is the second in a series of guest posts from Oscar Broca of Republic Arsenal. Texas Gun Show Review invites guest posts from the shooting sports industry (with a preference given to sponsors) on topics of interest to the community. Opinions expressed are those of the guest author and not necessarily of Texas Gun Show Review.

Republic Arsenal has agreed to do a series of posts on topics of interest to gun show attendees, particularly first-time buyers.


Selling Your Firearm To An Individual vs. FFL Dealer

by Oscar Broca, Republic Arsenal

oscarYou own a firearm and you’d like to sell it to purchase something different or new.
You have a couple of choices: you can sell to an individual or sell/trade to an FFL dealer.

You stand to make more money by selling to an individual; however, after the sale, the gun will still be registered in your name. If you sell or trade to an FFL dealer, you may not make as much money; however, the FFL dealer will transfer the gun onto their inventory releasing ownership for you. Most FFL dealers will give you a fair value. You may also benefit by doing a trade for a new firearm and pay the difference saving money and peace of mind.

On the flip side, someone purchasing a firearm from an individual may seem like their getting a good deal; however, you can only base your decision on what the seller reveals about the gun they are selling (i.e. how many rounds they put through the gun, why they are selling, etc.). Most FFL dealers inspect the firearm prior to offering for sale.

Tip: If you decide to sell a firearm to an individual create a bill of sale, retain a copy of their driver’s license, and take a picture of the case and serial number. In the event the gun is traced back to you, you will have paperwork of the sale. Only FFL dealers can conduct a background check to determine whether an individual is eligible to purchase a firearm.


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