Mossberg 500 Predator-1 For Sale

Posted: August 12, 2014 in General, Shooting
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Pat Harrington of Shotgun Blasters is well-known for his innovative and highly imaginative shotgun builds. I was very honored to be part of one of the early concepts, a Mossberg 500 build called ‘The Predator’.  I purchased the very first Predator during the early stages of the most recent panic.  Shotgun slugs raced up in price just like other ammo, so I only put 30 rounds downrange – just enough to get the feel of the platform and to zero the optic and laser at 25 yards.

The very first Predator build is now on sale by Shotgun Blasters.  To certify that it is indeed the original, I autographed the firearm.


Here are a couple more pics of this awesome Mossberg 500.



and you can read the complete Predator review here.

If you are interested in purchasing an iconic shotgun build from Shotgun Blasters, visit them at the Ft. Worth gun show or contact Pat Harrington at PatHanrrington [at] shotgun blasters [dot] com.  I don’t know the current price and you can wash off the autograph. Predator sound effect not included 🙂

Now, why is just a cool shotgun for sale, you ask?  The answer is very simple and it’s currently being built.

It’s called Predator 2.  Look for a review soon and thanks for visiting Texas Gun Show Review.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas

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