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Ever since I’ve been involved in shooting sports, I’ve been interested in supporting and encouraging women, young and old, to take charge of their own defense.  Firearms may or may not be a part of that strategy, but overcoming anxieties related to firearm operation is an important step in gaining self-confidence.  That is why I strongly support the DIVA WOW organization.  As it happens, the Divas are holding two events in the near future that may be of interest.

The 5th Annual AR-15 clinic is a great event to learn about the AR platform and shoot this weapon in .22LR or .223.  I covered the event last year (see the Product Reviews page) and I saw a lot of first-time shooters and first-time AR shooters leave with big smiles on their faces. The event will be held on Saturday, September 13 – 8:30 am to 3:00 pm at Quail Creek Shooting Range in Argyle Texas. Unfortunately, I will be out of town and unable to provide coverage of this year’s event, but I hope you see fit to either attend or introduce that special lady in your life to the wonderful black rifle. This year’s event will feature an introduction to 3-gun competition, so don’t be surprised if your wife or girlfriend picks up a new hobby.

On Sept. 27, the Divas will hold The Great Outdoors KIDS KAMP for kids ages 9-17 from 1p – 5p at Elm Fork Shooting Sports in Dallas, TX.  Events include

  • BB Guns
  • Introductory Shotguns
  • Slingshots
  • Blow Guns
  • Water Launchers
  • Dog Training
  • Fishing in Cabela’s Live Fish Tank
  • Duck Calling

I’d like to close this post with some props to Kevin Simmons of Quickdraw Shirts. We talked for about half an hour at the Ft. Worth gun show this weekend and he relayed the story of his recent father-daughter day. Imagine the look on Kevin’s face when Noelle (age 10) said she wanted to go shooting for the first time.

Well, here she is at the range with a S&W 60, loaded with .38 spc. In addition to a great dad, it looks like Kevin is a pretty sharp photographer.


Great shooting Noelle!

Please check out the Diva events if you have time and thanks for spending a small part of your day at Texas Gun Show Review.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas


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