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This is a brief review of the 1st annual North Texas Firearms Fair, presented by and Fusion Tactical Range.  The event was scheduled from 9AM to 6PM on Oct. 25, which turned out to be an absolutely perfect day for an outdoor event.  The advertised schedule included the following events:

– Shooting Clinics

– Vendor Booths

– Product Demonstrations

– Shooting Competition

– Archery Competition

– Self Defense Clinics

– Shooting Gallery

– Raffle

– Military Vehicle Display

– Kids Airsoft and Pellet Rifle Area

– Free Parking

– Food and Refreshments

That’s a pretty ambitious list and with as one of the organizers, I have to admit that my expectation level was set pretty high.  I arrived at about 9:05 AM and was car #13 in the customer parking lot.  I noticed some vendors already set up, but to be absolutely honest, it was about half the number I expected.  There were some familiar vendors from the north Texas gun shows as well as a couple vendors I had not seen before.  The Premiere Ft. Worth show was held the same weekend, and it’s pretty difficult for many vendors to split their inventory across events, especially on opposite sides of the metroplex.  Perhaps some gun show vendors that might otherwise have exhibited stayed with the Ft. Worth gun show.

I suppose my favorite vendor was S.A.W and their layout of suppressed firearms.  They seemed to be pretty popular with attendees as well.  On the subject of attendees, I kept an informal car count during my four hours on site and it never exceeded 60 vehicles.  So, participation at least during the first half of the day was well below what I expected.

Bass Pro had a small archery display and I walked by several times to check out demos and some of the instruction. I had to work hard to resist the temptation to try it out for myself because I know what would happen.  I’d get hooked and then I would have to get geared up and there goes the savings for my next firearm.

The Fusion staff did a great job of setting up a two-gun course that was the highlight of my four hours at the event.  The execution of the competition was flawless.  Competitors could sign up to run the course for score in which case they were in line to win either a range membership or an optic.  If you just wanted to get a taste of what multi gun is like, then you had the option to pay a smaller fee and run the course for fun with no score.

Although a lot of events were advertised, there was no schedule and the girls running the signup could not tell me what the raffle prize was when i was asked to sign up.  That’s an interesting one 🙂  I left about 1PM, so I can not account for how events transpired in the afternoon.  Food and refreshments were advertised, but there was nothing available during the morning – not even water.  I saw the grill and a table being setup just before I left.

Also in the category of ‘I did not see,’ here is what else was missing from the advertised schedule, at least during the morning and noon hours.

– No formal shooting clinic

– No actual archery competition, although you could shoot as much as you wanted.

– I’m not sure what ‘shooting gallery’ means.  There were a variety of targets setup across the range, including Tannerite if you like your booms big and loud.

– Self Defense Clinics

– Military Vehicle Display

– Kids Airsoft and Pellet Rifle Area

Again, I left at 1PM so I can not vouch for what happened from 1PM to 6PM.  Maybe these were afternoon activities?  If you were present in the afternoon and I missed anything, please leave a comment.

After standing on my feet for four hours, I really wished I had chosen the Ft. Worth gun show, but I was on the east side of town anyway to visit my parents and attend martial arts class nearby.  So, it was better than a lot of other choices and I did enjoy meeting new people, especially those who recently moved to Texas to enjoy the 2A rights so well displayed at this event.

Here are some photos from the event and the two-gun competition.























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