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Thank God I Live In Texas

Posted: November 27, 2014 in General, Shooting
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As I drink my coffee on a beautiful Thanksgiving morning, I am spending a few moments reflecting on all the things for which I am thankful. I believe that living in Texas where our 2A rights are well respected rises to the top of this year’s list.

This thought is reinforced by yesterday’s experience at Fusion Tactical Range.  I took advantage of the good weather to get in a practice session before the holiday and arrived to find out that two very cool guys were about to fire off a 50 BMG.  Now, there are few things in life more exciting that shooting a 50 BMG and the experience is perhaps best topped only by shooting a 50 BMG into a pumpkin filled with Tannerite.

Yes, these guys were seriously cool.



After blowing a huge hole into one pumpkin, one of the gentlemen placed his cell phone into a plastic bag and stapled the bag to a nearby target stand to record the round hitting the tannerite-filled pumpkin.

Did I say these guys were cool?

Well, not as cool as the explosion which blew the target stand over.  The phone, however, kept on recording.  Here is the aftermath of the impact.


Afterwards, I enjoyed practicing entirely one-handed (right and left) including shoot from draw and on the move.  I finished by practicing around barriers using my own vehicle.

I can not recall a more enjoyable holiday afternoon.

Welcome to Texas, folks 🙂

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas