Texas Short Stroke Holster Review Part I

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Product Reviews, Vendor Reviews
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I ordered a Texas Short Stroke holster from Tucker and Byrd in August based on a recommendation from my instructor, Ed Harper at VX Marksmanship.  My use case is for security work in which draw speed is at a premium, especially with the extended barrel on my Glock 20.

While Tucker and Byrd sell the TSS for the G20, the standard-length holster would cause the extended barrel to stick out at the end, which I thought would be cumbersome.  So, I was rather pleased when Charlie Byrd simply asked for the barrel length and desired holster color.  My custom holster arrived a few days later, and I’m really digging that Mahogany color.

Charlie recommended a front-sight guide since I have an aftermarket front sight (Dawon Precision).  A photo is provided below and I will apologize in advance for the poor photography in this review.


On the first holster I received, this slot was oriented more to the left, so the firearm did not fit.  I simply emailed a photo and within two hours, Charlie had a return shipping label in my inbox.  I received a new holster inside of three days.

Here are two photos of the G20 in the holster.



This is an OWB holster that I use with a 1 1/2 x 1/4 ” leather gun belt.  The holster is constructed with a standard FBI cant, which I found ideal.  The firearm also rides at an ideal height on my waist and at good placement relative to the body.  I tried several garments and noticed a slight print with a thin hiking vest, no print with a tighter, but much thicker winter vest and no print with a typical sport jacket I might wear on duty.  I should point out, however, that I have all sport coats taken out in width to leave room for vest and gear.  The rig conceals well with a loose jacket, but printed with any of the shirts I normally wear.  The latter is to be expected with any OWB rig and a large gun.

Draw is simply magnificent as the front slot allows me to get out and on target faster than kydex holsters I’ve used in the past, especially with the extended barrel.  I also found this to be the first holster that I’ve used extensively in training that I can consistently re-holster entirely by feel.

In addition to training, I carried the G20 on vacation with this holster for two days straight, one of which involved 14 hours of driving and we clocked over 9 hours on the second day.  The holster did not move a fraction of an inch in that time.  I placed tiny marks on my belt at the two ends of the holster to mark its position at the beginning of each day.

Break-in is slow as with any leather holster.  The initial fit was very tight, so I left the firearm in the holster for three days straight.  During the day, I frequently removed and re-holstered ten to twenty times.  The fit quality was very good by the end of the second day and I started doing draw-and-dry-fire drills near the end of the third.

This is, of course, a speed rig.  There is no built-in retention (other than passive) and no retention options available for order.

I’ve used the holster extensively during warm weather, so I will report again next spring after using the product during the cold months.  Until then, I found the TSS to live up to the Tucker and Byrd reputation and their customer service proved to be just as impressive as the product.

You will usually find a Tucker and Byrd dealer at most of the north- and south-Texas gun shows.

Thanks for spending part of your day at Texas Gun Show Review.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas


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