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I thought I would sneak in a quick review to close out 2014.

I wear a hiking vest almost every day, so it does not make much sense for me to invest in branded or ‘message’ t-shirts.  I do have a few, most of which are concert shirts or leftover from my visit to Machine Guns Vegas.  I have two more firearm branded shirts, both from the same Texas gun show vendor.

I suppose you might say that I’m following the advice of the most interesting man in the world.  “I don’t often buy t-shirts, but when I do, I go to Quick Draw shirts.”

I remember walking up to the Quick Draw shirts display at Big Town over a year ago and I was immediately impressed with the innovative designs.  Since then, Kevin has not failed to deliver on that branding.

You won’t know what is available unless you drop by their display, but here’s a small sample.


I suppose you already know what’s on the back of the shirt 🙂

Check them out at the next show and tell them that Texas Gun Show Review sent you.

Thanks for your time and best wishes for 2015.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas