A Shotgun Worthy Of A Survivor

Posted: January 6, 2015 in Vendor Reviews
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This is one of those feel-good stories that I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing.

Vernon Walls, a courageous veteran of our armed forces, recently survived an automobile accident that many medical professionals described as completely fatal.  He was dragged about 150 feet, leaving a crimson trail that horrified witnesses.

Not only did Vernon demonstrate the bravery and will to live so well embodied in those who have served, he insisted on taking responsibility for his family’s security despite losing all practical grasping use of his left hand.

Vernon queried several Texas Gun Show vendors for a shotgun that could be used for home defense by someone with his unique challenges.  Only one was able to answer the call; namely, Pat Harrington of Shotgun Blasters.

Pat recommended a Kel-Tec KSG for its light weight, high capacity, and ability to work with several loads, including mini-shells.  The latter are ideal for home-defense and the KSG can hold 25 rounds of this ammunition.  I have to agree with the choice as I can attest from personal experience that the KSG with mini-shells has extremely light felt recoil and is easily maneuvered.  I’ve actually shot it one-handed with the mini-shells 🙂

The problem, of course, is racking the fore end with a left hand that can not be used for holding or grasping.  Pat’s solution was simple and effective.  He replaced the fore end with a light, rubber version that had an attachment for an adjustable strap.  He also modified the KSG with the Shotgun Blasters standard tube-selection lever replacement.

The result is a lightweight, easy to load, and easy to rack platform that gives this gritty survivor up to 25 chances to deal with bad guys.  As a famous A-Team member once said, I pity the fool that even thinks about taking on Vernon.

Here are a few picks of the modified shotgun and its happy owner.





If I were Pat Harrington, I’d be smiling too.  It’s a great feeling to help someone realize the American dream of self-determination and right of self-defense, regardless of physical challenges.  And, it’s even better when that person has already met the challenge of service to defend the freedoms in our country that make a company such as Shotgun Blasters possible.

For more information, check out Shotgun Blasters online and thanks for stopping by Texas Gun Show Review

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas

  1. Bob Lilly says:

    Pat Harrington owner of Shotgun Blasters is a great guy and they build a fantastic gun. I would highly recommend them to anyone!