SHOT Show 2015 Day 1

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It’s that time of the year, as the saying goes and my feet confirm that I’ve been getting in my daily quota of multi-mile walking.  Yes, it must be time for SHOT Show once again.

On day one, I usually spend over half the day working my way through the military/LE vendors.  I realize that most readers are not interested in such products, but I will call attention to DutySmith.  I know what it’s like to reach for equipment and bring it to bear under stress since I work plainclothes security (PPO work).  Officers have a tougher time since they carry a lot of equipment on a duty belt that requires restricted access since they open-carry.  Something simple as reaching for spray can be a four-step process.  DutySmith has designed a completely new collection of equipment carriers that greatly simplify the process of bringing critical equipment to bear in stressful situations. This is one stop along the floor I really enjoyed.


I’m in the market for a body camera and thought it was interesting that some models now double as flares 🙂


The Code Cam is 720p resolution at 30fps with a 60-degree viewing angle.

UTM’s line of indoor practice ammo is pretty innovative.  They have conversion kits for AR’s now with Glocks coming in less than 60 days.


Okay,I know you’re thinking ‘where are the firearms?’  I’m in the market for a 300 BLK SBR (or pistol that I can SBR at a later time), so here are a few pics.

Primary Weapons Systems MK-109


Adams Arms


ATI Omni Hybrid


Here it is without the brace (yeah, what brace, you’re asking)




Daniel Defense


The highlight of the day was finally getting my hands on an STI Perfect 10.  Every 10mm fan should own one.  It is not an option.


I also made it by the S&W booth towards the end of a very long day.  Despite my throbbing feet, I managed to work my way over to the new 460 XVR Bone Collector.


I must have one!  Here are some other new firearms from S&W.  My photo of the wall of ported M&P models did not come out.  I’ll try again tomorrow.



I did look at the Taurus Curve.


Didn’t like it.  Other new models were equally uninteresting.  This was the highlight of the Taurus booth.


Now, is that all you think about?  Okay, I’ll indulge you a little more.  The things I do for my readers – it’s a difficult job, but someone has to do it 🙂






Okay, back to business!  Here are some other photos from day-1 coverage









Some of the other day-1 highlights included

LaRue Tactical (MBT – Meticulously Built Trigger)

Flugz (easy, affordable, customizable hearing protection)

PJL Targets (Highly realistic tactical paper targets)

Law Enforcement Targets (more cool targets)

Brite Strike (illumination products and very cool CAPSS – camp alert perimeter security system)

Mesa Tactical (8-rnd shotgun side saddle, SCAR stock adapter, and more)

Night Stick (props to another TX company with a great line of lighting products)

Polycase Ammunition (Inceptor ARX self-defense rounds – high-velocity/lower-weight – uses dispersion of rotational momentum for tissue damage and to slow the round instead of expansion)

Maklarbak (TTC Mags – locks bolt open with one round still chambered)

See A11 (interesting open-eye sight system – seemed to be good at training for instinctive shooting, but was more cumbersome for me as a pure tactical sight, probably because it is so different from what I’m used to)

Grey Ghost Precision (Specter Heavy .308 rifle – DMR configuration)

Condor Outdoor – I picked up another bag, so along with last year’s bag I now have two for towing swag and literature.  I’m also a walking billboard, so congrats to Condor for one of the best marketing promotions at SHOT.

US Armor (meet my sales rep, Fred Laughlin and check out the Enforcer 6000 along with the enhanced rifle-plate carrier)

Angstadt Arms (pistol-caliber carbine – 9mm – uses Glock mags)


Original S.W.A.T.

JP Enterprises

Mil-Tact Knives

Gelatin Innovations

SBR Ammunition

Elite First Aid


I will close day one with the coolest of the cool – the baddest of the bad – the ultimate – the Dillon Aero.  Don’t leave home without it.


Thanks for spending part of your day at Texas Gun Show Review.  In a couple hours, I’ll be back on the floor for the second day of four days of SHOT Show 2015 coverage.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas


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