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I’ve owned a PowerTac Hero Gen II for a few months as of the posting of this review, although I suppose the unit should be described as a combination tactical flashlight and portable charger.  The flashlight features a CREE XM-L2 U2 LED with 960 LM max output. It is powered by a single 26650 Li-on battery, which produces a throw in excess of 400m according to the manufacturer. Based on nighttime tests of my own, the power and throw of the Powertac are more than sufficient for my anticipated use cases.

The PowerTac HERO features four operation modes and a strobe. Manufacturer-listed run time for constant operation on a single charge is listed below.

Firefly (1 lm – 720 hrs)

Low (100 lm – 35 hrs)

Medium (500 lm – 6 hrs)

High (960 lm – 3 hrs)

Strobe (960 lm -5 hrs)


The light measures 142mm x 36.5 mm (max width at bezel), which makes it sufficiently compact for use in a belt holster, but a bit too large for my taste in terms of a pocket-carried light.  I also found the location of the switch on the body instead of the butt end of the light made it cumbersome for use in night fighting.  For these reasons, I do not currently carry the PowerTac on my body.  It has, instead been relegated to my bug-out bag, where the combination of a relatively compact, high-power light AND charger is of very high value.

Here is the unit next to the Solaire 900 LM flashlight.


which is pretty impressive until I stack it next to my Nightcore P10.  Yes, the PowerTac has a greater output and throw (960LM vs. 910LM), but the P10 easily fits in a pants or jacket pocket.  The P10 also has much better controls for low-light operation, especially for strobe.

For those who do not mind the controls and probably open-carry on a belt, you may also like the crenellated bezel that makes the unit somewhat useful as an impact weapon.

The PowerTact HERO is an impressive piece of engineering that is perhaps best used by those having sufficient time to bring a light to bear from a holster and then keep it in use for a sustained period of time.  It is a fantastic light to have in your vehicle or backpack.  I would not recommend it for tactical use in low light in tandem with a firearm.

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– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas