Sig Sauer 10mm 180 gr FMJ Review

Posted: May 17, 2015 in Product Reviews
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This is a brief review of the Sig Sauer 180gr. FMJ ammo in 10mm.  I purchased a box of 50 over a month ago at Cabela’s in Allen for $24.99.  As of the writing of this post, Cabela’s has the ammo listed online for $27.99 in 10mm.

The box is marked ‘Sig Elite Performance Ammunition’.


In response to questions regarding whether or not Sig Sauer was the primary manufacturer or simply a reseller of this ammo, Sig Director of Product Management, Jeff Creamer, made the following statements on Sig Addict in March of 2014.

The Sig V-Crown ammo is “produced in a plant with SIG machinery and SIG personnel for SIG only, using the highest grade components, a proprietary bullet design, and [most likely] the only 360 degree laser inspection machine deployed in the industry”.

Mr. Creamer also made sure to note that the current location is considered a “temporary” solution for a capacity challenge, and that Sig is “actively exploring options for a more permanent facility that can accommodate growth”.

A more recent announcement on Sig Sauer’s expansion of ammo manufacturing can be read here.

For something billed as ‘Elite’ and ‘Performance,’ my expectations were rather high.  I wanted to feel something that was nearly indistinguishable from my carry ammo in the same weight and I expected a high degree of accuracy.

I was not disappointed.  Here are my very first three shots with the ammo from a distance of just under 17 yards, with the target at approximately a 30-degree angle to my left.  The test gun was my Glock-20 with gunsmith-fit 5.3″ Barsto barrel, and all shots were totally unsupported.


I have fast-acquisition sights that trade off accuracy for faster sight picture, so I was very excited with the first two shots being practically on top of one another.  In fact, I let the excitement get to me on the third shot as I felt my trigger finger brush very slightly against the frame right as the trigger broke.  I’d like to have that shot back.

The recoil impulse of the shots led me to believe that this ammo delivered over 1200 fps in muzzle velocity.  I was fortunate enough to borrow a friends’s chronograph and used the next five shots to record a 1234 fps average.  Temperature was in the very low 80’s with about 47% humidity.

I mixed in some of the ‘Ted Nugent’ (Pierce ammunition) loadings of the 180 gr. Gold Dots, which obtain over 1280 fps on my platform.  I was difficult to consistently tell the difference between the Sig and Nugent ammo at first when I was mixing the rounds and loading them blind.  So, the Sig practice ammo would be great for drills where I want to replicate the velocity and recoil characteristics of carry ammo.

I have not shot the Sig hollow-point ammo and have only run through one box of the FMJ.  If the hollow-points live up to the first impression of the practice ammo, then Sig has a winner on their hands, provided that the ammo can be delivered at an attractive price point.

Thanks for spending a bit of your day at Texas Gun Show Review.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas

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