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This is a brief review of the Safariland Model 295 level-2 retention holster.

I occasionally have need to open-carry on a duty belt, so I’ve been looking to upgrade my retention holster for a Glock 20 with extended barrel.  There are very few holsters that accommodate an extended barrel, especially with retention.  I was pleased to at least find a level-2 holster from Safariland, the undisputed heavyweight champion of duty equipment.

Here is what the product looks like in the package.


I ordered the holster on Amazon.  The product arrives in the packaging shown above, with instructions for a variety of holster models.  Retention methods vary from model to model, so take the time to locate the proper instructions.

This model is designed to work with a 2 1/4 inch belt.  No ordering options were provided for smaller belts.  It does, however, work acceptably with a 2″ belt, as shown below.


Although there is some space, I never had an issue with the holster slipping.  I also found the mid-ride to be perfect for use with a vest.  Cant was fine with me right out of the package.

The draw stroke is reasonably simple.  The thumb snap breaks from the inside, which is natural as the hand assumes a combat grip on the pistol.  After releasing the thumb break, rotate the pistol forward and then draw straight up and out of the holster.

So simple, even a caveman like me can do it 🙂  The holster is well-constructed and very reliable, draw to draw.

I don’t often open carry, but when I do, I use a Safariland holster.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas