Texas Gun Show Review began in the fall of 2012 as a resource devoted to product and gun show reviews.  The goal with gun show reviews was to provide better coverage of vendors and firearm pricing trends across various shows in Texas.  The latter proved to be extremely time consuming and expensive, so the blog is now focused almost exclusively on product reviews.  The only industry-related shows slated for frequent review are SHOT SHOW, NRA, and local events such as Texas Trophy Hunters Extravaganza.

Because of current full-time commitments, TGR is seeking people interested in posting product and service reviews, so if you would like to submit a review or article, email your contact information and idea (or submit article) to txgunshowreview [at] gmail [dot] com.

  1. Sharon says:

    Do you recall which vendors on the left side of the Lewisville Location (march 2) were selling Kimbers?

  2. Tim F says:


    Thanks for visiting our show at Big Town this past weekend. I must clarify some information in your review. The building retains the left 1/5th of the room for their permanent vendors. That is why you saw wigs, massage chairs, food seasonings and so many “state fair” non-gun related vendors on that side. Big Town Event Center rents that space to them on a recurring basis and we have no control over that section. That is why we had large yellow signs posted to try to communicate to visitors at the show that they were leaving the gun show space.

    I would hope your list could be updated to remove the vendors from that area or indicate they were not part of the show to correct any readers impression regarding their presence in the show.

    Tim F
    Premier Gun Shows

    • algorithmist says:

      Updated and thanks for the clarification, although I noticed no such signage moving back and forth across that area. Keep in mind that with a relatively new show and so much stuff competing for visual attention, it’s pretty easy to miss an ‘obvious’ sign. I talked with over a dozen people that voiced the same concern, so they missed it too 🙂

      thanks again!

      – jim armstrong

  3. Tim F says:

    You’re right about not seeing the signs. There was about a two hour period on Saturday when they went missing, “sign-napped” by someone on the permanent vendor side of the building.

    We did find and return them to the original positions, but you probably went by when they were AWOL. They were 2 ft by 3 ft and yellow with black text.

    Thanks again


  4. Isaac says:

    Hey Jim, I’ve just opened a new Texas based firearms classified site and wanted to personally invite you to take a look and perhaps share some of your feedback/reviews of local Gun Shows. Thanks for the awesome blog!

  5. Hi Jim, Thank you for coming out to the DIVA Clinic at Elm Fork. It was my first time to clay shoot and I am happy you captured my photo, and you’re correct that we were all to excited after getting our first clay… I am hooked on this sport forever !!

  6. Dane says:

    Darn you write well. I’m a former newspaper photojournalist/editor, so I might be qualified to make a snap judgment. I’m sending your link to a buddy of mine who makes gun racks. Also, I just spend the last couple hours investigating whether to join Texas Law Shield program. I liked your review. Thanks.

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