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“The 83rd Legislature Regular Session is mostly wrapped up but is back in a special session.

What follows is some helpful information and discussion of the firearms legislation that passed and some points to note for the special session as well as some additional information.

Currently no gun control legislation passed during the regular session – including proposals that were introduced to restrict private firearm transfers at gun shows, ban standard capacity magazines, gut the state firearms preemption law and require drug testing for CHL applicants.

The Texas Legislature adjourned its regular session on Memorial Day after passing fifteen pro-Second Amendment measures, and was immediately called back into special session by Governor Rick Perry to address the drawing of district lines in which Federal and State lawmakers will run for re-election next year.

The Governor can add issue items to the agenda (known as ‘the call’) as the special session progresses. As such it should be noted that under Senate rules in place during the regular session, a 2/3 vote is necessary to bring a measure up for debate in the legislative chamber.”

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