Product Reviews

This is a collection of permalinks to all product, vendor, and event reviews, so that all such reviews are available to you from a single resource without having to search. You may view photo collections of events I’ve covered at Flickr.


SHOT Show 2015 Day 1
SHOT Show 2015 Day 2
SHOT Show 2015 Day 3
SHOT Show 2015 Day 4


SHOT Day 1
SHOT Day 2
SHOT Day 3
SHOT Day 4
SHOT Wrap-up and Photos

New 2014 Firearm Price Updates

gun show pricing trends

2014 Texas International Firearms Festival

event review

2014 North Texas Firearms Fair

event review

NRA 2013 Annual Meeting

part I
part II
part III
part IV

Republic Arsenal

vendor profile
interview with Oscar Broca

Shotgun Blasters

vendor review
vendor update
custom UTS builds
custom Mossberg 500 build
interview with Pat Harrington
Shawn Bartholomae
Predator 2 Part I

Good To Go Ammo

Vendor profile
.308 168gr. Match Ammo Review
.308 168gr. A-MAX Review

Bayani Warrior Group, LLC

Mika Pana Profile
Initial review of Training Program
Bayani Warrior Training Part II
Bayani Warrior Training Part III
Bayani Warrior Training Part IV

FNX 45 Tactical

product review

Sig P227

first impressions
product review, part II
product review, part III

Glock 20 Gen 4

initial impressions
mods, part I
mods, part II

Hornady A-MAX and Nosler Ballistic Tip in .308

product reviews

HPR .308 Match Ammo

product review

Tucker and Byrd

Texas Short Stroke Holster Review Part I

The Sig Armorer

vendor review

MicroVault MV500

product review

Minivault Deluxe

product review

Springfield XD-S .45

product review from Glock-owner perspective, part I
product review part II
product review part III
light primer strikes

Machine Guns Vegas


Zombie Apocalypse Store Las Vegas


Belly Band

product review

Sticky Holster

product review

Quake Kare ER Bars

product review

Pachmayr Grip Sleeve

product review (grip glove for XD-S)
range update

Austin Davis Concealed Carry Essentials Video

product review

Ruger Super Redhawk

first impressions
shooting the SRH

Diablo Stun Gun Flashlight

initial impressions
update after usage

Service Tabs

vendor review

Allison Revolver Speed Brush

product review

SmartReloader SR875 Electronic Earmuffs

product review


part I, initial impressions
review, part II

Springfield XDS-9mm

first impressions

T&G Sales

vendor review

Texas Law Shield Seminars

Part I of review
Part II of review

Strike Spike

product reivew

The Gun Tool

product review

Carroll Concealed

vendor review

Ghost Targets

product review

McNally Trigger Assembly For Glocks

initial impressions
Detailed product review, part I
Product review, part II

Sig 716 Patrol

The Sig 716 Zombie Stopper
Shooting the 716
product review, part II

Fusion Tactical Range

Phase-I of range development
Madison Rising at Fusion Tactical Range
Fusion Tactical Range Review, Part II
Free Range Day

NRA Gun Care System

product review

Bore Tips

product review

Single-Use Bleeding Zombie Target

product review

Galco Holsters

IWB holster for short-barrel S&W 629

DIVA Women Outdoors Worldwide

4th Annual AR-15 Clinic review, part I
4th Annual AR-15 Clinic review, part II
Fall 2013 Outdoors & Shooting Sports Clinic Review, Part I
Fall 2013 Outdoors & Shooting Sports Clinic Review, Part II
Spring 2014 Shooting Sports and Outdoor Clinic Review

Patriot Protection

Grand Opening Review, Part I
Grand Opening Review, Part II

Gander Mountain Lewisville

Soft Opening and General Impressions
Grand Opening

Smoke ‘Em Targets

product review, part I
product review, part II
Smoke On A Rope target review

Gun Gear To Go

first visit, initial impressions

The Gun Girdle

product review

BDS Tactical Vertical Shoulder Holster

product review

Eagle Gun Range

anniversary event

ASYM Precision Ammo

product review

Gotta Have Guns

grand opening coverage

Otis Tactical Cleaning Kit

product review


product review, part I

Silver State Armory .308

first impressions

C2 Taser 

product review

Streamlight TLR-1 HL

product review

Movie Review – “Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire”

DVD Review

Otis Ripcord

product review
product review part II

Combat Arms Earplugs

product review

Sudecon Detox Wipes

product review
Sudecon Detox Wipes and Bear Spray

Explore Optics

20-60x60mm Spotting Scope Review

S&W PC 629 (.44 magnum)

initial impressions
range update


– .308 168gr. A-MAX review 

Texas Trophy Hunters Extravaganza Ft. Worth 2013

review part I
review part II

Texas Trophy Hunters Association Extravaganza 2014 in Ft. Worth

photo tour

Sgt. Moose IWB Mag Carrier

product review

Virtual Tactical Academy

review, part I
interview with Austin Davis

Kangaroo Carry Air Marshal Holster

product review
Air Marshal 3 and Big Guns

Kangaroo Carry Micro 2 Holster

product review

Fusion Security Solutions

First Aid/CPR/AED Class review

White Thunder

product review

Quick Draw Shirts

vendor review

Nebo Protec Bat Light

product review

Nightcore P10 Tactical Flashlight

product review

PowerTac Hero Gen II Tac Light

product review

ASP P16 Baton

product review

Breakthrough Solvent

product review, part I

Rifle Gear

grand opening

Sig Sauer Ammo

180 gr. 10mm FMJ review

Team Never Quit

10mm 125 gr. frangible ammo review

Safariland Model 295

–  product review

BladeTech WRS Level II

product review

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