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I wanted to be in Tulsa this weekend, but it did not work out for family reasons.  Since my wife decided to attend the Diva WOW event at Cabela’s in Allen, I dropped by the Allen Gun Show.  The new 2014 firearm price list has just been updated.

Here are a few other goodies that caught my eye during a brief trek across the floor.

FNX 45 Tactical (blk) $1199
FNX 45 Tactical (FDE) $1299

FN PS90 w/rail $1399

SCAR 17S (blk) $2729
SCAR 17S (FDE) $2699, $2754

Sig 556R $1199
Sig 716 (blk) $1945
Sig 716 (FDE) $1995
Sig P556 w/arm brace $1529

M&P 10 w/camo paint job $1399

Kel Tec KSG $1199

LMT CQB MRT 5.56 $2335

IWI Tavor w/optic $2269

Kriss Vector SDP $1709
Kriss Vector Carbine $1599

UTS-15 (blk) $1250
UTS-15 (camo) $1450

Glock 20 Gen-3 $575

Beretta CX4 9mm carbine w/suppressor $2000

S&W 8″ .357 w/optic $3000
S&W 8″ 500 $1089

SKS Bullpup (camo) $1495

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– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas