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Big Town is Back!

I never made it to any of the prior shows at this venue since it was such a long drive and never convenient for my schedule.  Then, there were no more shows and I regretted the decision never to make the drive.  Well, every now and then, we get a second chance.  I’m spending a lot of time at my parent’s house due to my stepfather’s health and I’m a member at Fusion Gun Range in Forney, so this time around Big Town is a convenient show.

This is the first segment in a two-part review of the July 20, 2013 Big Town Gun show.  I’ll cover the venue, show opening and layout, and the vendors in attendance in this post.

As always with Premier shows, I purchased my ticket online and arrived about 8:40 AM.  This shot was taken from the far southwest corner of the parking lot, which was nearly full when I arrived.


It’s kind of hard to see the ‘Big Town’ sign in the background.  I did not see much in the way of parking around back, so many of the vehicles in the lot belonged to vendors.

Here is another shot from the same location, looking directly north.


Again, pretty much full spaces across the lot.  Here is the final shot from this location, looking towards the building (and, unfortunately the sun).


There was already a pretty decent line developing when I approached the building, and I apologize for taking this shot too far away to clearly see the line.


By opening, the line stretched well around the corner of the building.  Since I purchased my ticket online, I was able to get my hand stamped and move into the online purchase line, directly in front of the entrance.


It’s hard to see with the reflections, but the sign in the middle is a schedule of events at the Big Town Center, which includes gun shows for the remainder of 2013.

Premier opened the show a couple minutes early, and then we were vectored to the left into the event center.  That’s kind of important since the layout is long and rectangular.   The aisles were oriented along the shorter dimension, which gave the overall show layout kind of a maze-like appearance.  There were a number of non-firearm related vendors (kind of like you would see at the state fair), all of which were positioned to the left-most end of the hall.

According to Premier, the leftmost (from the front) 1/5 of the building is rented to permanent vendors that are not part of the gun show.  It was difficult for me to see any signage indicating this even though I moved back and forth across that area.  With a large show and so much stuff competing for visual attention, though, it’s easy to miss what some may believe is ‘obvious’ signage.  I also talked with over a dozen attendees all of whom voiced the same issue, so it was not obvious to everyone what role these vendors played in the layout.  These permanent vendors are not included in the miscellaneous category of the list.

During my three hours on the floor, I noticed that there was very little traffic for the firearm vendors at the back, right of the floor even though there was very solid traffic at opening and people were still streaming in when I left around noon.

ATM’s were available.  Restrooms were located at the back-left of the floor.  There were no formal concessions, but several food vendors and another vendor offered hot food (BBQ) outside.

Here is a list of named vendors in attendance by category (due to varied product offerings, some vendors may appear in more than one category)


Quantico Tactical
Duval Arms (suppressors)
Grumpy’s Guns
C&S Firearms
Clifford Hopkins Sales
Tejas Gun Shop
F&W Guns (Independence Firearms)
Viking Armory
Model 1 Sales (uppers)
Ft. Worth Shooter’s Supply
S.W.A.T. Firearms
A2J2 Sales
Republic Arsenal
Past & Blast
Premier Armory
The Gun Zone
W Guns
Rock River Arms
Crazy Gun Dealer
Superior Pawn and Gun


Good To Go Ammo
Prairie Land Ammo
Texas Wheeler Ammo
AMMO (Orange and Yellow versions)
Southwest Ammunition
Alamo Ammo
Dallas Reloading Service


Hassle Free CHL

Holsters/Concealment Gear

Hide-It Holster
Shepherd Leather
Concealment Shop
G’s Holsters
El Paso Saddlery
WRB Concealment
Galco Gun Leather


The Optics Place
Explore Optics
Kenzie’s Optics


Right Solutions Store
Crimson Trace Laser Grips
Gun Toyz
Impact Optics Eyeware
T.R. Graham (Glock Armorer)
Red Dragon
White Thunder Exploding Targets
Madjac Body Armor
Affordable Tactical Supply
Effective Product Marketing (jumping targets)
Outdoor Products
Custom Ear Plugs
Gun SlingR
H2 (exploding) targets

Survival/Preppers/Less Lethal

Smoke & Fire Defense
Gideon Personal Protection
Adventure Supply
Essential Seeds
Survive Tomorrow Supply
Proxima Outdoor Supply
Outback Firestarter
Hunker Down


Don Palmtree Knives
Ashby Custom Knives
Sooner State Knives
B.R. Knives
H.J. Giourard Custom Knives
Joe’s Custom Knives
Wayne Johnson Custom Knives
Blades and Stuff


Popcorn Vendor
Totally Nuts
Don’s Smokehouse
The Jerky Hut


Fusion Gun Range
Rockwell Gun Club


Heritage Safes
Right Solutions Store
Jane’s Tools
Liberty Safes
Rockwell Gun Club
Cowtown Gold and Silver
T.R. Graham (Glock Armorer)
Custom Ear Plugs
The Safe Company
Robert’s Gold and Silver
Texas Law Shield
Winchester Safes
Fusion Gun Range


If I missed anyone, please leave a comment.  Firearm pricing updates will be in tomorrow’s post.  Thanks for stopping by Texas Gun Show Review